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for Monday, August 29

Make your own PERSONAL opinions count on...

For each question, select whichever choice
best matches your own PERSONAL opinion.

Try to answer EVERY question -- even if some
are so tough you have to toss a mental coin.

All the answers to this survey are
So don't hesitate to tell the truth.

The results of today's survey, including YOUR
votes, will be used in tomorrow's game of...
Majority Says !!!


Would you rather...
Find a cure for cancer
Win a BILLION DOLLAR lottery

Would you make a better...
TV game show host


Jimi Hendrix asks: "Are You Experienced?"
Yes I am
Tell Jimi to mind his own business!

In YOUR humble opinion, which Bill is the better human being...
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates

Which saying comes closer to YOUR belief...
'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'
'Out of sight, out of mind'

Are you more of a...
Dog person
Cat person

Be totally honest. Would you like to hear some REALLY JUICY gossip about someone you know?

For any reason whatsoever, have you ever touched a rat?

Your doctor discovers a rare and valuable chemical in your earwax. He'll pay you ten bucks a week to allow him to painlessly suck out your earwax every Sunday. Wanna do it?
Sure -- Are any of my OTHER bodily excretions worth anything?
No thanks


(one moment please, while we tabulate)

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