Switzerland plans to legalize online casinos

Casino and poker private tournaments can be legalized in Switzerland, according to a new bill proposed by the federal government. In addition to legalization, the authorities want to eliminate all taxes from winnings from lotteries and gambling.

The new bill, which was passed last week in the Swiss parliament, will make available for 21 casinos permission to open their own online casinos. Online casino games is currently illegal in Switzerland, but some foreign web sites are still available for residents of Switzerland, the new bill will allow fans to return to the local online casinos and poker sites.

Swiss Casino Federation strongly supports the project, but believes that it is not perfect. First, the new law will not take effect before 2019, and according to the Federation, "that will be late". Secondly, the casino industry in Switzerland has been under strong pressure in the last few years. If you look at the statistics, you can see that the profitability of the industry fell by 30% in comparison with 2007. According to estimates the federation of local casinos are losing about 2 billion USD each year, due to illegal gambling and foreign online casinos. You can calculate yourself how much the industry will lose money if government will have to wait another three years. Federation insists that it is necessary to take into account these facts in the decision, and to do everything possible, so the local online casinos will get back as soon as possible.